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Since the beginning of theatrical motion picture there were title sequences. From pure typographical listings of director, producer and actors in the early years, titles evolved to a more narrative form. Besides other versions a specific type of narrative titles developed. These titles are self-contained media, supposed to introduce the plot of the movie and to lead the audience over to the fictional world of the film.

This development keeps new possibilities for designers on hand. In the small area of a title, live action, animation, typography, graphic art and sound can be combined to its own narrative structure. Particularly in comparism to classical communication design, where creative spaces seem to shrink in todays agency scene, the possibilities of creative and contentual evolvement for designers seem to emerge in the field of title design.

In this thesis I worked on how narrative title design can be defined, marked-off and how it works despite the obvious variance from classical dramaturgy. By example of different main titles I itemized dramaturgy, structure, narrative styles and the transfer of content. Through these results I created an approach for a guideline for storytelling in title design, from which one can derive the potential and the relevance of narrative title design for designers and the movie itself.

Besides the actual content I also did the entire editorial design with concept, layout and fine typography.

Categories: Design Thesis | Title Design | Book Design | Editorial Design | Typography | Designtheory | Storytelling | Graphic Design

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