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Berliner Kindl

My tasks

Intro concept

Intro edit

Intro sound

Logo design and animation

Cut-in footage concept and art direction on set

For the Berlin beer brand Berliner Kindl we created a three episode long online special called "Berliner Kindl trifft...", where Moderator Johanna Klum takes us to three famous partner locations of Berliner Kindl for some behind the scenes looks. The Berlin TV tower, the plush hotel Adlon and the home of the Berlin handball Team, the Fuchsbau.

All three episodes divide into part one and two. Part two always takes place at the location itself and part one features her cab ride with Berlins oldest Taxi to find some insider spots on the way.

The Videos were created at Scholz & Friends advertising agency, while I was working there full time. I was responsible for creating and cutting the intro and designing and animating the "Berliner Kindl trifft..." title/logo.

Besides that I was responsible for all art direction concerning cut-in footage and outdoor shots on each route, working hand in hand with the cinematographer on set.

Categories: Title Design | Motion Design | Motion Graphics | Title Animation | Graphic Design | Storytelling


Direction, Design & Animation

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